Yinli & Nine Eagles HKPGA Invitational Series


Singapore player, 傅英華(POH Eng-wah)

caught the trophy from behind

Being the major event of the year, it lasted for 5 days from 21 to 25 October 2013 including a practice round on the 21 October 2013 and a pro-am match on 25 October 2013 to wrap the event.  According to the organizer, 50 players of the Open Division and 54 players of the Senior Division coming from People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and USA played and shone the event.

Strong Playing Field

With the title sponsorship of Yinli Foreign Investor Golf Club and Nine Eagle Golf Club coupled with the staunch support from other sponsors, the total purse money of HK$300,000 each was set for the Open Division and the Senior Division.  Famous players like first runner-up of the 1985 US Open, 陳志忠 (CHAN Chi-chung), and his elder brother, 陳志明 (CHAN Chi-ming), last year’s winner, 鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing), and Asian Tour Player, 林吉祥 (LAM Kit-cheung), Singapore player, Bill Fung and M Ramayah were all attracted to compete in the Senior Division.  For the Open Division, last year’s winner, 林根基 (LAM Ken-ki), 2008 Yinli Classic winner, 黃東樑 (WONG Tung-leung), 2009 Yinli Classic winner, 林健斌 (LAM Kin-bun), all joined the event to compete intensely with the local players and surely with the high desire to win.

Senior Division - 鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing) won in play-off

Experiences tell that senior players though are all over 50 years of age, their playing ability do not fall short.  Playing in similar course length and course layout, players of the Senior Division proved to be still in good form as reflected by their scores.  鍾春興 (Chung Chun-hing), who is already in his 60, finished his three rounds in under par in 2012 Yinli Classic once again showed his superb playing skills in this year’s event and won in the play-off.

The Play-off - 陳志忠 (CHAN Chi-chung) vs 鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing)

One of the highlights of this year’s event would definitely be the play-off of the Senior Division.  After the second round on 23 October 2013, 陳志忠 (CHAN Chi-chung), who has the reputation as “Honour of the Chinese” stood at the leading place with two rounds at 69 and 71 (140), 4 under par.  鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing) and 張宏達 (CHEUNG Wang-tat), another player from Taiwan, both at just one shot behind.  

On the final day, 陳志忠 (CHAN Chi-chung) and 鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing) tee-off in the same group.  After 17th hole, 陳志忠 (CHAN Chi-chung) was with a two strokes lead and seemed to have reached the trophy even with a double bogey on the final hole.  With a long birdie putt on the 18th, 陳志忠 (CHAN Chi-chung) ended up with three putts that put him in the play-off with鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing), both finished three rounds at 211 strokes.  At last, 鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing) won the play-off after catching a birdie at hole 10 and defended his title from last year with a prize money of HK$54,900. 

鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing) who is now living in Fung Yuen area, Taiwan, has played golf for over 50 years!  When asked after he won the event, he said “I was excited to have won event for two years consecutively.  I am sure I will come next year to defend the title again.”  He felt that陳志忠 (CHAN Chi-chung) might not expect three putts in the last hole which forced him to enter the play-off.  鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing) furthered that he would play every stroke carefully during each match.  Afterall, each stroke might affect the ranking and prize money in the match.  When talking about his form, 鐘春興 (Chung Chun-hing) said that he still practice everyday in particular the short games.  He practiced in golf course at Fung Yuen daily and would tune in his mind and body when approaching matches. 

For陳志忠 (CHAN Chi-chung), he said, “It would be natural of wanting to win in each match.  Surely, I felt a bit disappointed of losing this time.  But I felt good about my decision in how to play on the 18th hole.  Afterall, it was my decision at that time and the truth was that I was trying to make birdie.  Maybe that was my style of playing!”  His elder brother陳志明 (CHAN Chi-ming), who is 6 years older, said, “It was a pity that he did not make the putt or he would have won.  If I were him, I would surely make the putt.!”  What a brotherhood!  The two brothers played at Yinli for the second time.  They considered the course layout was full of challenges and not easy to approach.  The condition of the greens was in superb level and much better than a lot of courses in Taiwan.

Open Division – Singapore player, 傅英華(POH Eng-wah) caught the trophy from behind

Local player, CHAU Pui (周錇) played a 75 in the final

The competition atmosphere was intense in the Open Division.  歐致均 (AU Chi-kwan), player from the People’s Republic of China shone the event with a total of 139 after two rounds to make the cut.  Local PGA Trainee, 周錇 (CHAU Pui), who joined the event with an exemption card played the first two rounds magnificently and finished at 140.  Three players from Taiwan including 王子銘 (WONG Tze-ming), 陳銘鑫 (CHAN Ming-kam), and吳文玎 (NG Man-ting), all made the cut at 142.  傅英華(POH Eng-wah), the Singapore veteran player, was not in the sight at that time and he played superbly well with a 68 in the final round with a total of 212 in three rounds, came from behind to win the trophy.  Three players from Taiwan were tied at second, 王子銘 (WONG Tze-ming) (70-72-71), 陳銘鑫 (CHAN Ming-kam) (71-71-71), and吳文玎 (NG Man-ting) (75-69-69).  Local player, 周錇 (CHAU Pui) played a 75 in the final and with a total of 215 in three rounds tied at 8th with other two local players, James Stewart and Timothy Tang.  They ranked the best among the local players.

After the match, 傅英華(POH Eng-wah) expressed, “ I was very happy! I had not thought about winning.  I have been a good friend of Mr Daniel LIU, Chairman of HKPGA for many years.  When I was young, I had visited Yinli to practice frequently.  I felt like I was playing at home course.  It was just like returning home.  I have played in this event for the past three years.  I cherished the chance of playing here very much as there were not many local matches in Singapore.  The greens in this course were very fine.  The course has tight fairway layout.  It called for accuracy in driving and putting.  It is a course with high level of challenges.  My daily life is just like many other PGA players in HK, I teach golf most of the time and not much opportunity to play in competitive golf.”  Lastly, the winner shared a secret that he could have been able to play in the Senior Division if he were a month older!  Winning in the Open Division was not in his plan!  He kidded that if he wished to defend his title, he would need to play in the Open Division next year!

Title sponsorship of Yinli Foreign Investor Golf Club and Nine Eagle Golf Club

Following the Yinli HKPGA Classic in the past 10 years, it was the pleasure of HKPGA to continue having the support of Yinli Foreign Investor Golf Club and Nine Eagle Golf Club in sponsoring the event of this year.  Without their support, the event would not be as successful.  Taking this opportunity, HKPGA expressed her sincere gratitude to the followings: Yinli Foreign Investors Golf Club , SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course , Energy Watt,Srixon Sports Hong Kong Co Ltd , Mr Alan Kwok Chin Kwok , Euro Asia Chinese Golf Association , Eurasia International Hotel.